To: Donald H. Layton, CEO Freddie Mac & Melvin Watt, Director, Federal Housing Finance Agency



We demand that Freddie Mac immediately stop pursuing the eviction of the Webster-Smith family from their home and accept their rental offer of $972 / month! Additionally, we call on Freddie Mac to work with the family as they build up the work history that is needed to secure financing to buyback the home!

Why is this important?

My name is Rose K. Webster-Smith and I live at 87 Leatherleaf Dr. in Springfield Massachusetts. My husband and I live there with our three children ages 25, 11, and 8.
In October of 2011, Freddie Mac foreclosed on my home and sold it back to themselves for half of what we had purchased the property for during the height of housing bubble in 2006. We never made a single payment to the original mortgage company, Merrimack Mortgage, because they immediately sold it after we closed on the home to US Bank Home Mortgage who was the servicer for Freddie Mac.
A few years after we bought the house I began to have health issues which inhibited my ability to work. At the same time, during the economic crisis, my husband’s employer began to restrict workable hours for the employees, not allowing any overtime and not issuing cost of living raises for three years. Also during this time, our health care costs went up every year further constricting our income. All of these situations led to us falling behind on our mortgage. We actively pursued getting a modification from US Bank Home Mortgage and we eventually entered into a trial HAMP modification in June 2011 and paid all three of the required trial payments. Unfortunately, when it came time to complete the paperwork to make the trial modification a permanent one, we suffered another life event and were not able to send in the paperwork with certified funds on time. I then contacted US Bank to let them know what had happened and applied for another modification. US Bank never contacted me letting me know that we were missing paperwork for that modification. US Bank never let me know that I had been denied the modification because we were missing paperwork so that I could appeal their decision and get them the missing paperwork. They instead foreclosed in October of 2011.
For the last four years, my husband and I have maintained the property. We mow the lawn and trim the vines, rake the leaves to make sure the outside is maintained and looks nice. We maintain the furnace every year and make sure it is cleaned out with new filters each winter season. We make sure that the walk ways, the driveway, and the fire hydrant are shoveled out after each snow storm. We make sure the hardwood floors are polished and well preserved to make it through to another year. We have kept the property as we would have maintained if it were in our name, with love and hard work. Our children know no other place to be there home except this one and all they want is to be able to stay in the house that we have made a home.
I am an active member of my community. I volunteer with the Springfield Read Out Loud Program in the elementary schools. I do educational talks and events on Native American Culture in the school classrooms. My home is in between the elementary school that my daughter attends and the middle school that my son attends, allowing me to continue to play an active role in both of their educations. My neighbors and I, all look out for each other and help each other out when anyone has a need in our community.
I am a part of the Springfield Bank Tenant Association. We are collectively opposed to the mass evictions being carried out by the banks after foreclosure. They are causing untold suffering to thousands of people and dragging down our communities. We are committed to doing what we have to do to fight against these evictions and the destruction of our communities but we would rather work out an agreement with Freddie Mac.

How it will be delivered

Directly to Freddie Mac Representatives

Springfield, MA

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Reasons for signing

  • Having been heavily bailed out, due much to Freddie's market decisions taken in years past, it is my fervent hope that the new FHFA Director Mel Watt and today's Freddie Mac officials will give fair play to homeowners such as the Webster-Smiths. Please, today's Freddie Mac, do what you can to prevent the displacement of another American family which doesn't deserve such displacement, and help preserve the social fabric of American neighborhoods as well.