• Approve Short Sale of Hartrey 2 flat so 9 Tenants May Stay in their Home.
    The House on Hartrey is important to its residents & the community for many different reasons. First & foremost is the youth. The 3 children living on the first floor have recently transferred to Evanston Schools from CPS this year & would most likely be displaced into another school district to the dismay of their caring mother. Their father, Daniel Guillen, who runs a local handyman service providing for the community, would no longer have the space needed for the tools, truck & equipment required for his work. The Guillen's regularly have extended family gatherings in their apartment & the large yard. The Professional Handyman School of Evanston, a 4 year apprenticeship program teaching all aspects of residential remodeling, uses the property as its primary facility. Thomas, who has a background in house painting, video production, & music is the newest apprentice & coordinates the gardening of 11 raised beds. "I came to the Hartrey House a few months ago when I was going through a break up. After bouncing around on couches & sleeping in my car with my dog Ruby because I couldn't lease a place due to the fact that it is very hard to find a dog friendly place & also the amount of money it cost for rent & security deposit, I found the Hartrey which was very affordable. I call it "Heart-Tree" because its full of love & it branches out through the community like a tree. Its been a life changing blessing & has allowed me to have shelter for Ruby & myself. Also to be able to contribute to the community through efforts we have going is something I truly enjoy whether it be in the garden, or watching one of the visiting dogs or helping Kevin on a job, all the projects benefit humankind & the neighborhood in some way which I am a big advocate of." Another service provided for the community is Logical Lodging, LLC which provides short term pet friendly, furnished, lodging and utilities for professionals, academics, & others who are on the move or otherwise not in a position to sign a lease for an apartment. Emilio, another roommate of Hartrey & dog owner "Staying here at Hartrey was not only the most affordable option but also surprisingly rewarding for me & Pinkie. I get to hang out with dogs, cool people, have family over, and help take care of visiting dogs through Logical Lodging" Izzy, auto body detailer & room mate living at the Hartrey has reduced his commute to work by half allowing him much needed rest time after long hours put in the shop where he is also rebuilding his own truck. Kevin Keeler owner, room mate, entrepeneur & journeyman tradesman "the building is essential for the growth of the individuals here as well as both business'. I've invested hundreds of hours of repair & remodeling into the property. I would like to see the building continue to be an home for even more people and dogs in the community as well as those passing through. I am open to contributions of time & energy from creative persons interested in the property. The experience of defending against this attempted foreclosure has empowered me with a new and much deeper appreciation of the incredible power of the law." In addition, the large permaculture community garden project is a key aspect of the Hartrey. 11 full size, raised garden beds provide organic gardening opportunities, feeding the residents as well as some neighbors. In conjunction to the garden, there have been several Potluck gatherings to bring together artists, musicians, and people interested in organic gardening to discuss furthur plans & ideas to benefit the community as a whole.
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    My name is Rose K. Webster-Smith and I live at 87 Leatherleaf Dr. in Springfield Massachusetts. My husband and I live there with our three children ages 25, 11, and 8. In October of 2011, Freddie Mac foreclosed on my home and sold it back to themselves for half of what we had purchased the property for during the height of housing bubble in 2006. We never made a single payment to the original mortgage company, Merrimack Mortgage, because they immediately sold it after we closed on the home to US Bank Home Mortgage who was the servicer for Freddie Mac. A few years after we bought the house I began to have health issues which inhibited my ability to work. At the same time, during the economic crisis, my husband’s employer began to restrict workable hours for the employees, not allowing any overtime and not issuing cost of living raises for three years. Also during this time, our health care costs went up every year further constricting our income. All of these situations led to us falling behind on our mortgage. We actively pursued getting a modification from US Bank Home Mortgage and we eventually entered into a trial HAMP modification in June 2011 and paid all three of the required trial payments. Unfortunately, when it came time to complete the paperwork to make the trial modification a permanent one, we suffered another life event and were not able to send in the paperwork with certified funds on time. I then contacted US Bank to let them know what had happened and applied for another modification. US Bank never contacted me letting me know that we were missing paperwork for that modification. US Bank never let me know that I had been denied the modification because we were missing paperwork so that I could appeal their decision and get them the missing paperwork. They instead foreclosed in October of 2011. For the last four years, my husband and I have maintained the property. We mow the lawn and trim the vines, rake the leaves to make sure the outside is maintained and looks nice. We maintain the furnace every year and make sure it is cleaned out with new filters each winter season. We make sure that the walk ways, the driveway, and the fire hydrant are shoveled out after each snow storm. We make sure the hardwood floors are polished and well preserved to make it through to another year. We have kept the property as we would have maintained if it were in our name, with love and hard work. Our children know no other place to be there home except this one and all they want is to be able to stay in the house that we have made a home. I am an active member of my community. I volunteer with the Springfield Read Out Loud Program in the elementary schools. I do educational talks and events on Native American Culture in the school classrooms. My home is in between the elementary school that my daughter attends and the middle school that my son attends, allowing me to continue to play an active role in both of their educations. My neighbors and I, all look out for each other and help each other out when anyone has a need in our community. I am a part of the Springfield Bank Tenant Association. We are collectively opposed to the mass evictions being carried out by the banks after foreclosure. They are causing untold suffering to thousands of people and dragging down our communities. We are committed to doing what we have to do to fight against these evictions and the destruction of our communities but we would rather work out an agreement with Freddie Mac.
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  • paraplegic Needs His Home
    Access for a wheelchair is important when you have a spinal injury. You need wider doorways to enter, and exit all rooms. You also need bathrooms with showers, sinks and toilets that have been modified to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards, along with ADA kitchens having access to food to be able to prepare meals. Bedrooms also have to be ADA accessible. I tried to stay in some hotels and fit through the front door of the room with my wheelchair, but was unable to fit through the bathroom door in the same hotel room. I have lived in my Berkeley, California home since 1987. I was misled into taking a Country Wide A.R.M Loan. Country Wide said they would give me a better loan in 6 months. They never did give me that loan. Shortly after they went out of business and Bank of America assumed my Country Wide loan. Bank of America told me that they couldn’t honor anything that Country Wide had promised to me. They further said that the only way they could help me is if I defaulted on my loan. I believed them at that time. Then Bank of America said they wouldn’t help me and sold the loan to Ocwen. I submitted all the documents that Ocwen requested, like I had done for all the other lenders and then said they couldn’t help me nor would they accept any monthly payments, only the full sum. Ocwen then sent me referrals to speak to HUD and H.O.P.E. After I filled out their forms, and submitted the required documents I was told that Ocwen didn’t participate in government programs. Ocwen then sold the loan to Fay Servicing. Fay then requested documents from me. I requested an email address to correspond with them but they were hesitant. Like all the other lenders, Fay said that phone calls were the only way I could correspond with them. I did finally manage to receive an email address. I emailed them and asked why the payments were interest only payments. I also asked for an accounting for both the principal and interest payment combined. I never received an answer by either email or phone. The next thing I received was a notice of sale date of my home. My parents always said the bank will help you. Where is that help? It should be a loan requirement (law) that the loan agency provide an impartial lawyer to evaluate the numerous pages of the loan contract, and advise you to accept the loan or not. There should be an acknowledgement within the loan document of this process. Put your money in a credit union. THE BANKS ARE CRIMINAL!!!!!!!!!!
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  • PNC Bank: STOP the FORECLOSURE SALE of the Fortilius Home
    I have never seen the sunset. I have lived in my home for 10 years and have worked very hard to stay there. I wake up in the morning and do not return home until 9pm at night. My home means everything to me. I fell in love with it the very first time that I saw it. The street was very quiet, and when I entered the home, I was amazed at the space. I have seven children and this home gives them the luxury to move about. I purchased my home in October of 2002. At the time I was working at Yale Genton in West Springfield. The house was refinanced twice between 2003 and 2005 because the home needed a lot of work. The roof needed to be fixed, the floors redone, new windows were needed, and siding installed. (My family and I have put our blood, sweat, and tears and our life savings into fixing our home). I fell behind on my mortgage in 2010, after I lost my job when the store I worked at closed down and moved away because of the economic crash caused by Wall Street. I looked for work constantly, night and day, finally I was offered a job at the K & G Fashion Store in Manchester, Connecticut. Although I was now receiving the benefits of income, I suffered another financial set back by having to start my business from scratch. I am a self employed tailor at K & G Fashion Store; I rent a space in the corner of the store and I had to purchase the tools of the trade that cost me about $25,000 dollars. In February 2011, I called to pay $3,000 to PNC Bank to pay the mortgage that had been overdue for three months after I lost my job. They refused my offer because I was $300 dollars short. Then on November 25, 2011, PNC Bank asked me to make a mortgage payment. I sent a check to pay for a month, but it was returned to me. Since then, for four years, I have been trying to secure a modification with principle reduction to be able to keep my families home to no avail. Now PNC Bank has scheduled a foreclosure auction to be held on October 21st, 2015 even though I can afford to pay a mortgage. This house is my life. It is what I have worked for and is what I wish to leave my children when I pass away. To anyone else, this house seems quaint. It is set in a nice, quiet neighborhood, and has the capacity to fit a large family comfortably. To me, it is much much more. It is the reason why I wake up early in the morning and come home late at night. This home symbolizes work, struggle, will, and achievement. It motivates me to work hard and encourages my children to work towards their dreams. My home is the reason why I don’t mind missing the sunset everyday. I am requesting that you STOP the foreclosure auction and work with me on a loan modification with principal reduction to the current value of my home. I would like to pay the current value of my home because it would be unfair to have me pay more money than my home is worth.
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  • Save Senior Citizen Joan Nelson's Home
    My home was purchased with my husband, Hubert Nelson, in 1991 who passed in 2010 after being married for over twenty years. I am a senior citizen and have lived in this city since 1968. I'm a retired school teacher who taught in the Atlanta Public School Systems for 40 years. After the passing of my husband I went through a period of sickness and grief. I love my home and my community because it was where my husband and I raised our family shared together for many years. I have the income to pay toward a loan to be able to keep my home. I have nowhere else to go if my home is taken away from me. I am hoping and praying that Rushmore Loan Management Service will work with me to stay in my home. Can I count on you to sign and share my petition? I believe community pressure my be the only thing that will open Rushmore Loan Management Services eyes and hearts.
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  • HELP: 73 Year Old Veteran with Stage 4 Cancer Being Foreclosed and Evicted
    The last lyrics to our beloved National Anthem, are, “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” It is often said that we are free because of the brave men and women that risk their lives serving in the United States military. My Dad is one of those brave men. During the tumultuous Vietnam era of the 1960s, my Dad admirably served his country and volunteered for the United States army. When his country needed him most, my Dad didn’t run. He stayed and risked his life for a free America. Sadly, now that he needs it most, America isn’t helping my Dad. My Dad is now 73 years old, battling Stage 4 colon cancer, and facing the real possibility of being homeless. Before his diagnosis, he had a mortgage. Banks over-inflated the value of his home, to inflate the market and line their pockets with money that wasn’t really there. Eventually the bubble burst along with the economy and the value of homes plummeted. Like many other Americans, the home he purchased was no longer worth anywhere near the amount of the mortgage. It was during this time that my Dad was diagnosed with cancer, which is a very expensive illness to treat. He could no longer afford to make payments on his home. He went to the bank for assistance, for a loan modification, for something to keep him from being homeless. My Dad wasn’t asking for a free ride. He was only reaching out for some help until he could get his feet back on the ground. Despite his desperate pleas, StateBridge and their investors known collectively as Encore Trust would not help my Dad, instead choosing to rip his house from under him. On June 8th, StateBridge bank and Encore Trust (with the help of the Kendall County Sherrif’s Department) will physically remove my Dad from his home, leaving him homeless. My Dad will not vacate the premises because a soldier doesn’t cut and run. America is free because of brave men like my father. When his country needed him, he didn’t run, he served. Now he needs America. We can not let him down.
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  • Nationstar Don't Evict The El Family From Their Home
    This is a family of 10, one is developmentally disabled, diagnosed with Chiari Malformation disorder and the youngest is 1 month old.The home is close to the hospital where she is frequently hospitalized due to illness.The family had submitted several completed loan modification packages to Nationstar and was waiting for the loan modification to be completed.
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    I am a single mom of minor children. I have been in my home for 19 years. I take care of other children in my home as well. I own a 2 businesses in my home. I have clients everyday. I am working 3 jobs. I am part of the school JA mentoring tutors in my home. I have been paying my mortgage and chapter 13 payments when you illegally wrongfully put my home into sheriff sale and eviction!
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  • Prevent auction of John and Geral's home on April 29th
    My downs syndrome child has lived on this property since he was born. He knows that it is home, can recite his address, and knows how to get home if he ever got lost. He is able to have his two dogs, has a fenced yard, and does not have to worry about traffic. If we have to be relocated, his confusion and lack of understanding could be detrimental in so many ways. As of today, we would be moving into a 24 foot RV that last ran in 2007. We don't know where we would park it at this time. Geral and I were profiled in the award winning documentary, "American Winter." Our friends at American Winter have set up a fundraiser account on Indiegogo.com to help Geral and I save our home. There are other funding raising activities planned but not as much of a consorted effort as Indiegogo yet. I feel humiliated to ask for help but I don't know what else to do. Any help would graciously be appreciated. All the Best to everyone.
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  • Wells Fargo: Don't Put the Alstons Out in the Cold
    All our lives we've given so much to make our community a better place. Now as we fight cancer and struggle to get by, we want to rest easy knowing our home is secure so we can continue to help make Irvington a strong community again.
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    Created by Mary Szacik
  • HSBC: Keep Veteran Clifton Beckley in his Home
    This predatory loan has already wiped out most of my life's savings, now HSBC want to take the rest of it. I can afford a mortgage if it is a fair deal that reflects the current value of my home with a low, fixed interest rate.
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  • Need a Principle Reduction from Bank of America
    I have a disabled son who depends on me for his housing. I gave him a kidney five years ago and we are still struggling to keep up with all the debt that occurred because I took time off to give him a kidney. My youngest son is active duty and had been on two deployments in Afghanistan in the last four years. I have always had three or more jobs to keep up but it is too physically difficult to do so anymore. Don't have much help available. I don't even have the strength to move the things I have out of my house before foreclosure. Feeling suicidal.
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