My name is Rose K. Webster-Smith and I live at 87 Leatherleaf Dr. in Springfield Massachusetts. My husband and I live there with our three children ages 25, 11, and 8. In October of 2011, Freddie Mac foreclosed on my home and sold it back to themselves for half of what we had purchased the property for during the height of housing bubble in 2006. We never made a single payment to the original mortgage company, Merrimack Mortgage, because they immediately sold it after we closed on the home to US Bank Home Mortgage who was the servicer for Freddie Mac. A few years after we bought the house I began to have health issues which inhibited my ability to work. At the same time, during the economic crisis, my husband’s employer began to restrict workable hours for the employees, not allowing any overtime and not issuing cost of living raises for three years. Also during this time, our health care costs went up every year further constricting our income. All of these situations led to us falling behind on our mortgage. We actively pursued getting a modification from US Bank Home Mortgage and we eventually entered into a trial HAMP modification in June 2011 and paid all three of the required trial payments. Unfortunately, when it came time to complete the paperwork to make the trial modification a permanent one, we suffered another life event and were not able to send in the paperwork with certified funds on time. I then contacted US Bank to let them know what had happened and applied for another modification. US Bank never contacted me letting me know that we were missing paperwork for that modification. US Bank never let me know that I had been denied the modification because we were missing paperwork so that I could appeal their decision and get them the missing paperwork. They instead foreclosed in October of 2011. For the last four years, my husband and I have maintained the property. We mow the lawn and trim the vines, rake the leaves to make sure the outside is maintained and looks nice. We maintain the furnace every year and make sure it is cleaned out with new filters each winter season. We make sure that the walk ways, the driveway, and the fire hydrant are shoveled out after each snow storm. We make sure the hardwood floors are polished and well preserved to make it through to another year. We have kept the property as we would have maintained if it were in our name, with love and hard work. Our children know no other place to be there home except this one and all they want is to be able to stay in the house that we have made a home. I am an active member of my community. I volunteer with the Springfield Read Out Loud Program in the elementary schools. I do educational talks and events on Native American Culture in the school classrooms. My home is in between the elementary school that my daughter attends and the middle school that my son attends, allowing me to continue to play an active role in both of their educations. My neighbors and I, all look out for each other and help each other out when anyone has a need in our community. I am a part of the Springfield Bank Tenant Association. We are collectively opposed to the mass evictions being carried out by the banks after foreclosure. They are causing untold suffering to thousands of people and dragging down our communities. We are committed to doing what we have to do to fight against these evictions and the destruction of our communities but we would rather work out an agreement with Freddie Mac.
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  • Save Senior Citizen Joan Nelson's Home
    My home was purchased with my husband, Hubert Nelson, in 1991 who passed in 2010 after being married for over twenty years. I am a senior citizen and have lived in this city since 1968. I'm a retired school teacher who taught in the Atlanta Public School Systems for 40 years. After the passing of my husband I went through a period of sickness and grief. I love my home and my community because it was where my husband and I raised our family shared together for many years. I have the income to pay toward a loan to be able to keep my home. I have nowhere else to go if my home is taken away from me. I am hoping and praying that Rushmore Loan Management Service will work with me to stay in my home. Can I count on you to sign and share my petition? I believe community pressure my be the only thing that will open Rushmore Loan Management Services eyes and hearts.
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    I am a single mom of minor children. I have been in my home for 19 years. I take care of other children in my home as well. I own a 2 businesses in my home. I have clients everyday. I am working 3 jobs. I am part of the school JA mentoring tutors in my home. I have been paying my mortgage and chapter 13 payments when you illegally wrongfully put my home into sheriff sale and eviction!
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  • Change Tax Code To Stop Wall St. Hedge Funds, and Investors From Investing In Single Family Homes
    It is important to create an economy where people can succeed. Unlike in the past where people were given a mortgage that they couldn't succeed at if the economy was driven off a cliff by greed, and fraud. By the big banks and Wall St. firms. Given decent mortgage terms, a stable economy, and the opportunity to earn a living wage, homeowners will fulfill the promises they made when they signed their mortgage.The economy needs guidance so we don't have high unemployment. Repairing the homes will increase economic activity, and employment. Hundred of thousands, perhaps millions, of single family homes will be repaired, and improved by owner occupied owners, or contractors. Home values will be maintained. Neighborhoods will be improved, and maintained. The supply of housing will increase. Homes will become more affordable. Home ownership will increase without increasing the risk of another primary home crisis. How would you feel if you were a family looking to find your one piece of the American Dream. Just one home for you, and your family to live in. After years of making sacrifices to save up enough money for a down payment, you make an offer to buy a house, and then a Wall St investment firm, or an investor out bids you with a cash offer for the home your family has wanted, and needed for years. Or worse than that, a financial crisis is created by Wall St., and the big banks, you lose your job, and then you lose your home to foreclosure after living in the home for years!! And then, to rub your nose in the shitty situation, Wall St types, or an investor buys your home for pennies on the dollar, and then they want to rent your home back to you for more than what your payments were, that you couldn't afford in the first place!!!! It makes you feel like, why did I work so hard, for so long to be kicked down like this? You want to get up, and #!*%&@ This scenario happens more and more as investors and Wall St. investment firms have jacked up single family homes prices from coast to coast. Wall St. investment firms, and their accredited investors have become the largest owners of single family homes in America. There are many real estate investment opportunities for investors to invest in multi-unit housing. Single family home prices should reflect the purchasing power of the families that want to live in the home, not the greater purchasing power of Wall St. firms, private equity funds, and accredited investors. People are video documenting the imbalances that Wall St. and accredited investors are creating investing in single family homes! Prices of homes, and rents are rising too fast in some housing markets again. Watch full episode of "Wall St. Landlords" on Aljazeera America channel 219 on ATT U-VERSE. Search on the internet for similar videos on other TV channels, You Tube, or for the title "Wall Street Landlord." A single family home market, made up of home owners that live in the home, is more stable than an investor led market. Investors are not emotionally tied to a single family home as much as a family that has lived in the home for years. If the price of the home decreases, investor dump the homes on the market by the millions, as investors did in the 2008 financial crisis, or they abandon the homes if they are not making a profit from the house, also devaluing the surrounding homes. Families need affordable housing that is priced at their purchasing power . Not at the purchasing power of accredited investors, and Wall St. investment firms. Some things are more important than amassing wealth, making a profit, and increasing tax revenues. Sure the Fed's Quantitative Easing creates the "Wealth Effect". It makes the wealthy richer, because they own most of the income generating assets in our economy, which go up in price with the use of Quantitative Easing. The working poor, and the middle class get poorer, because they lose assets when they lose their job. The only income they have to pay their payments, and take care of their family is their job. This is why it is very important that the 2% Appreciation/Inflation Taxation Policy needs to be enacted to help maintain employment!!! When a recession occurs in an economy, interest rates decrease. To increase demand on Main St., to reduce the length, and depth of the recession, or financial crisis, all single family home mortgages should include a clause that lowers the interest rate, as the Federal Reserve lowers interest rates to the financial sector. This change will eliminate refinancing cost, and increase economic activity, and aggregate demand on Main St. rather than primarily increasing economic activity in the financial sector, increasing it's profits, and bonuses, The foreclose crisis has given the rich the opportunity to grab more income producing assets to increase their wealth. We need to change this economic injustice NOW!! Go to www.taxpolicy.wordpress.com for more ground breaking ideas on helping people to succeed.
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  • Fannie Mae: Don't Evict Jeff, Negotiate! [Eviction 11/18 @ 10AM]
    My name is Jeffery Nelson Solivan and I live at Edgemont St in Springfield Massachusetts, where Fannie Mae is trying to evict me from my home after foreclosure. I have lived in my home since October 24, 2007. FNMA has scheduled an eviction on my home for Tuesday November 18, 2014 at 10:00AM. I am asking for your support to demand and urge Mel Watt and Fannie Mae to consider again my offer to rent the property using the affordable housing voucher I have, which is in line with the Federal Government’s [HUD] standards for affordable housing. In 2007 when I bought my home, I was told by the bank that I would get a straight loan because my credit was good. Once things were underway with the real estate agent, Acuna Real Estate, we went to purchase the property for $85,000. I went and signed my paperwork so that I could move into the house. I had been led to believe I would have one loan with one interest rate. Being a first time homebuyer I was so excited to be able to purchase my first home at a price that I thought would work for me. After I signed all of the paperwork, I found out that Bank of America fixed me into two loans, even though I thought I was only getting one. One was for 80% and $68,000 on which I was given a fixed rate 30-year mortgage at 6.75%. But on a second 20% loan, for $17,000 they fixed me into a 9% interest rate. When I bought my home in 2007 I had a good job working for Friends of the Homeless as an intake staff. In 2008, a new director came in and I was released from my job without explanation. I had to go on unemployment, but unemployment eventually ran out. I had also been married, but things went awry in my marriage, and we ended up getting a divorce. In the meantime, after I lost my job and once unemployment ran out, I have had times that I have had no income. I’ve tried to get aid for the elderly, but the amount provided was not enough to be able to pay for housing. Combined with going through the stuff with the property and not being able to find work I fell into a deep depression, and there were many days that I thought about ending my life and my career. I’ve started going to therapy one to two times per week, which is helping, but my mental health and state of mind is making it very difficult to find work. I would much prefer to work than to be on social security, but I’ve been forced to try and live on a very small amount of money. In addition to my mental health, I've had other medical conditions. I have heart trouble and suffered a heart attack in 2006. I now have a stent in my heart. I have been diagnosed with diabetes & high blood pressure. September 22, 2013 I was struck by a car on the corner of my street further adding to my health conditions. Since February 2013, I have been receiving Social Security which is giving me a steady income of $776 per month. I am willing to use some of that to be able to stay in my home and prevent another property from becoming vacant on the street. There are already 8 other vacant properties, at least 5 of them are owned by banks after foreclosure. I moved to Springfield on February 7th of 1967. Growing up in Springfield, I went to school here. I’ve worked in my community my whole life. Through working at a homeless shelter I have gotten to know many people. I stay involved in the community to plant seeds and support people all over, from youth to adults, in changing their lives through faith and god. Owning my own home, people in the neighborhood have asked me to help do landscaping work all over my street, because I used to be able to keep my home up so well. Together we’ve been able to build a good community to live in in Pine Point. I am part of the Springfield Bank Tenant Association. We are collectively opposed to the mass evictions being carried out by the banks after foreclosure. If necessary we are prepared to organize an eviction blockade and my neighbors are prepared to stand with me to fight any attempt to evict me by Fannie Mae,
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  • Bank of America: Reverse Illegal Foreclosure Sale Keep Family in Their Home
    As a senior citizen, and father, my wife and I have worked long and hard putting all our money into our home for retirement. This has been home to our children, family, friends and pets. We’ve celebrated holidays, birthdays, graduations, etc. We’ve poured our hearts and souls into our beautiful garden, improvements and updates. We have nurtured great neighborhood relationships. If the Bank of America is allowed to needlessly steal our home and evict us, then we’ll have lost everything. THE BANK OF AMERICA SCHEME Like so many other good Americans the Wall Street financial crash hurt our income. We entered the HAMP program in good faith and with clean hands—with a PERFECT PAYMENT HISTORY and GREAT CREDIT. Upfront we qualified and innocently believed the Bank of America wanted to help us. However, as time went on, we felt MISLEAD and TAKEN FOR A RIDE just like the millions upon millions of unsuspecting homeowners who’ve been unlawfully foreclosed upon. BANK OF AMERICA CREATES UNBELIEVABLE DEBILITATING STRESS The Bank of America made this entire process so onerous it was causing sleepless nights, excessive stress, headaches, vision problems, back pain and relationship problems. Even during the modification process (WE NEVER MISSED A PAYMENT) the Bank of America’s negative credit reporting spoiled our credit and began affecting my business reputation. Even though we HAD NEVER DEFAULTED we had to declare bankruptcy to stop a foreclosure sale. Never in my life did I dream I’d ever be in this kind of situation. Something was not right but we couldn’t put our finger on it. At first we thought we did something wrong. I was EMBARRASSED. I felt GUILTY like I let my family, neighbors and the Bank of America down. Yes, I actually thought for a time I was a bad bank customer!!!! Onlookers who didn’t understand the banking schemes would say, “Just pay your damn mortgage!” You don’t hear much about their clever BANK SCHEMES and how they routinely take advantage of homeowners on the 6 o’clock news. By every calculation and requirement, we qualified for this loan modification. SOMETHING STINKS AROUND HERE Bank of America lost the first two sets of documents, gave us endless/senseless runarounds, made communication impossible by changing reps with every phone call we made. A clearly stated three [3] month trial period shockingly turned into sixteen [16] timely payments. Bank of America accepted and cashed every check leading us to believe they were sincere about providing a legitimate modification. After pressing the Bank of America Office of President and CEO for our modification instead we discover that our family was kicked off the program at the [9th] ninth month because as they claimed, "THE RULES CHANGED!" We even paid four [4] of our regular monthly payments after Bank of America kicked us off the program until the bank stopped accepting our checks and threw us into foreclosure. LOOKING DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE OF COMMON BANK CORRUPTION Perplexed we hired expert Eva Jo Sparks a competent and well respected forensic mortgage auditor. Ms. Sparks conducted a detailed 165-page investigative report and discovered: 1. We are not now nor have WE HAVE NEVER BEEN IN DEFAULT with the Bank of America. 2. Ms. Sparks team revealed a surprising litany of bank "IRREGULARITIES" that add up to fraudulent practices—the kind of illegal acts that got the Bank of America fined billions upon billions and recently yet another 17 billion for wrongful foreclosures. Our case was escalated to the U.S. Treasury for HAMP violations yet the Bank of America arrogantly disregarded the investigation and foreclosed anyway. The Bank of America worked with FREDDIE MAC, Trott & Trott to foreclose on our home. David Trott's foreclosure mill has by his own count put more than 80,000 families into the streets of Michigan in just one year! David Trott is running for Congress. Is this foreclosure king the kind of character we need representing citizens in Congress? On November 27th of 2014 we will be evicted unless you and your friends can help us stand together to let the BANK OF AMERICA know it cannot continue to steal homes from good Americans. WHO’S LOOKING OUT FOR HOMEOWNERS? As an honorable VETERAN, like my father and brother, I enlisted in the armed services to protect our free enterprise way of life. I’m proud of that fact. But today, I feel like I’m back on the front lines fighting for my life, family and home from FREE ENTERPRISE BANKING GONE UTTERLY MAD for their own profit motives. We must pull together to stand up to bank tyranny. Please help us by spreading this tragic and true story.
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  • Illinois Legislatures Pass Homeowners Bill of Rights!
    Center for Responsible Lending and Consumers Union: State Action Still Needed to Prevent Unnecessary Foreclosures. States have yet to recover from the foreclosure crisis that has stripped trillions of dollars from homeowners and devastated local communities across the nation. Industry analysts estimate that 6 million borrowers remain at risk of foreclosure.1 States are in a strong position to prevent unnecessary foreclosures, stabilize local housing markets and protect homeowners from mortgage servicing abuses. Through practical enhancements to the standards set by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and California’s Homeowner Bill of Rights, states can help borrowers get full and fair consideration for loan modifications before losing their homes to foreclosure. State Action Remains Necessary Following the CFPB Servicing Rules On January 17, 2012, the CFPB issued final servicing rules that address loss mitigation and dual tracking, the practice by servicers of simultaneously pursuing foreclosure while working with a homeowner on a loan modification or other foreclosure alternative.2 Although the CFPB rules will apply to servicers whether or not states adopt them, 3 only by adopting the rules themselves can states give borrowers the ability to prevent foreclosure sales when servicers violate the rules. Hence, we provide recommendations on how to implement aspects of CFPB’s national reforms. And although the CFPB rules are strong in many respects, there are key areas where the states can provide stronger protections for homeowners. Recommended Dual Track Rules Pre-Foreclosure Referral: The CFPB rule provides that a mortgage servicer may not start the foreclosure process until a borrower is more than 120 days delinquent. Additionally, under the rule, if a borrower submits a complete loss mitigation application before the servicer starts the foreclosure process, then the servicer may not begin the process while the application is pending. States should adopt this strong standard. Post-Foreclosure Referral: Under the CFPB rule, if a servicer has already started the foreclosure process, it is prevented from moving for a judgment or order of sale or conducting a sale only if the borrower submits a complete loss mitigation application more than 37 days before the foreclosure sale date. California law has no deadline. CRL had recommended that the CFPB adopt a shorter deadline of 15 days. States should consider giving borrowers more time to apply with timelines that are consistent and workable with their state’s foreclosure timetables. Limited Right to Appeal: The CFPB rule gives borrowers a right to appeal a denial only if a complete application is received by the servicer 90 days before a possible foreclosure sale date. California law allows a borrower to appeal a denial regardless of when the application was received. Given the evidence of widespread servicer errors related to denials, states should consider providing borrowers with broader appeal rights for borrowers who meet the state’s application deadlines. Procedural Rules regarding Borrower Outreach and Denial Letters: The CFPB also requires outreach to borrowers about loss mitigation programs and denial notices. States should adopt the CFPB outreach procedures, but should consider adopting California’s more detailed denial notice, which provides greater transparency and information to borrowers. States Should Also Give Borrowers the Ability to Prevent Unlawful Foreclosures Dual track restrictions are intended to prevent unnecessary foreclosures. This goal cannot be effectuated fully by the CFPB rule alone, however, given that the law under which the rule was implemented, RESPA, does not allow borrowers to actually prevent a foreclosure sale when servicers violate the rule’s requirements.4 States, therefore, should adopt dual track rules (as outlined above), and then also provide borrowers with a right to seek an injunction (in non-judicial foreclosures) or raise a defense to foreclosure (in judicial foreclosures), for a violation of these rules. This will allow borrowers to put a pause on the process while the servicer considers the borrower for foreclosure prevention alternatives as required by the rules. This protection ensures that borrowers receive the full benefit of the dual track restrictions to prevent unnecessary foreclosures. http://www.responsiblelending.org/mortgage-lending/policy-legislation/states/2013-crl-and-consumers-union-joint-state-foreclosure-recommendations-final-february.pdf
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  • Do NOT let Wells Fargo steal our home.
    We are a HARD WORKING family. The only thing we ever wanted to do was pay our mortgage. Wells Fargo refused to allow this.
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  • Mel Watt: Suspend Fannie/Freddie Evictions & Foreclosures NOW
    Mel Watt is the new director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency that oversees Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. The previous director Ed DeMarco instituted policies that harm families, hurt communities and violate federal law. Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac are 79% owned by taxpayers, yet Fannie Mae policies privilege Wall Street and private investors at the expense of taxpayers and communities and discriminate against working people who are trying to keep their homes. People like Jaymie Kelley who Mel Watt is now pushing to evict in Minneapolis. Jaymie has lived in her home for 30 years and paid for it five times over, but Freddie Mac refused to sell her home back or rewrite her loan to current market value. Jaymie organized her neighbors, fended off two eviction attempts, and garnered national media attention and support from her mayor and Congressman--but Watt's office is pushing to evict her anyway. People like David & Yanick Dunwell and their three daughters in Springfield, Massachusetts who were foreclosed by Fannie Mae after David was laid off from his job of 17 years during the economic crisis. They now have a stable income, and can afford to buy their home for the current value, and a judge recently ruled that the foreclosure was done illegally, but Fannie Mae policies prohibit re-selling homes to former occupants for current value while encouraging post-foreclosure sales to third-party investors at below current value. Now Fannie Mae is moving to foreclose and evict again! Mel Watt has an opportunity to overturn these policies and ensure that Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac serve the people, not the banks. While these policies are being reviewed and changes are being implemented, not one more Family should be put in the street by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. Sign the petition to join thousands of residents who are fighting back against Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, and visit: www.NowWatt.org for more information and resources. Check Out Jaymie's Story: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alig8FZ4NCY Hear about the Dunwell's Fight http://vimeo.com/43614805
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  • Freddie Mac: Don't evict the Schnieders from their home
    This has been our home for 10 years. We have two small children. I have severe mental health issues and I feel behind on two payments. Suntrust then refused to accept any payment as I did not have the full amount. My husband knew nothing of this. The last payment they accepted was 8/31/2013 and they foreclosed on our house by 1/7/2014. Freddie Mac is now demanding we leave our home. Whereas, the eviction manager from the law firm is giving us two dates to leave and have money to move. They have also forwarded to Freddie Mac our want/need to bring the mortgage current, and take back the loan (reinstatement). Nothing is happening and I have never seen a foreclosure move so fast. I was so overwhelmed I attempted suicide as my husband did not know this was happening and I was hospitalized for said attempt. Please help us.
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  • Nationstar & Freddie Mac: Reduce Our Mortgage Principal and Interest So We Can Stay in Our Home!
    : I am a retiree from Lucent Technologies where I worked for nearly 25 years. I was forced to take early retirement because the company went out of business here in the US to take up cheaper operations overseas. My wife and I always wanted to move to Georgia so I took my retirement fund to get our family re-established in Atlanta. We lived in an apartment in Cobb County for 5 and a half years until we qualified for a mortgage with Taylor, Bean, and Whitaker Mortgage Bank. My wife and I have been in our Dekalb County home since 2008 and have made 6 years of memories here. This home has special meaning for us because it’s the 1st property we owned in GA and we were able to finish raising our children here. It’s somewhere they can call home. Since moving to Georgia, I have been a real estate agent, security guard and a substitute teacher. I just turned 60 years old this past November so my wife and I are just 2 years away from collecting my Social Security Insurance retirement benefits. I’ve earned Bachelors and Masters degrees, but still I’m finding it difficult to get hired in this economy at my advanced age. I have knee pain so I’m not able to do physical labor anymore. My wife became ill in 2009. She then worked for the U.S. Postal service as a temp until they downsized and she was laid off. I was laid off of my job as a Security Officer 18 months ago. We were able to get a loan modification in 2011. That went well until I was laid off. We filed for bankruptcy protection, but because we were not able to get meaningful employment, things continued to go south. We have struggled even more since my son got married last March and moved out, leaving us without his extra income. The bankruptcy was dismissed in December of 2013 because we didn’t have enough to pay the mortgage and the bankruptcy fees. At present, Nationstar wants us to hand over the keys for a meagre amount of cash, or face foreclosure. If Nationstar will work with us instead of giving us the run around and issuing threats, we could stay in our home and afford it with my pension and the Social Security retirement income I’ll be eligible for in November 2015. Dekalb County doesn’t need another vacant home and we need the principal reduction way more than the speculative investors buying up houses in our area. We demand that Nationstar work with us instead of foreclosing on and evicting senior citizens.
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  • Citimortgage: Don't Foreclose on the Monsons
    We've lived here for 22 years, never missed a mortgage payment until I lost my job in the crash of 2008. Had a stroke end of 2009, then a major heart attack w/ 4-way bypass in Feb.of 2011. I am on disability, and my wife lost her job 18 months ago. We live solely on my monthly disability check. My neighborhood has been hit hard by the economic crash, and we have had four other foreclosures in our block over the last 3 years.
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