Let's Start 2 Occupy Our Homes

When the 99% occupies homes, banks get scared and we win. OccupyOurHomes.org is creating technology to empower housing activists to fight against foreclosures and evictions.

How are we stopping the housing crisis?

Across America, people are rallying together as communities to say, "No more!" Many more people want to fight for their homes, but don't know how to start. This site can help people in housing crisis win against the banks.

Who can make it happen?

Winning campaigns involves a first step: saying you are ready to fight. Anyone who stands up to the banks is capable of winning.

Build support from your community

When the 99% comes together to fight for our homes, we are stronger than the banks. Once you start a campaign on this site, you can organize support from your friends and neighbors. Show the banks that your community won't back down and you'll bring the bank to the negotiating table.